31 Dec 2015

My Top Picks of Winter Songs to Listen

Having come from a tropical country, passed by the earth's equator line means that I've never experienced winter. It's fair to say that having never experienced it, I was unable to comprehend the sheer experience of winter. Now that I'm in Japan, may be I'm beginning to understand it. And what better way to express it than recalling the best winter/snow themed songs? So here are some of my favorites.

27 Dec 2015

Asakusa, S冬祭り and TRUE Mini-Live

This is Tsumugi-san's cute face, as drawn by the person herself :3
December 26th to January the 3rd, my campus entered the winter recess period. Plenty of assignments from the professors, and lots of events

23 Dec 2015

7!!, Up Up Girls, and Little Glee Monster LIVE

This is the first time that I attend a LIVE with a friend. 

This is where the live was being held.

29 Nov 2015

Ishikawa Chiaki Live - Jidai Mono Enka Kouki Tourai VOL.2

So yesterday I went to Ishikawa Chiaki's live concert. Here are the reports, folks.

22 Nov 2015

Ceui 10th Major Debut Anniversary LIVE -First Eden-

Remember when I told you on my last post, that my next event would be Ishikawa Chiaki's LIVE? Well, it's not that I lied. That's next week. I bought the ticket already. But this week there's a holliday in Japan. So Monday's a day off. It would be such a shame to spend this weekend without any meaningful event, so I decided to attend Ceui 10th Major Debut Anniversary LIVE -First Eden-.

8 Nov 2015

Moshi-Moshi Nippon Day II - MoshiPop

So Day-One adventures truly took a toll on my ageing body. The combination of a full-day class schedule, long travel time, and, um, wotagei serious physical activities meant that I barely managed a sleep. Using combinations of an android phone, an iPhone 6, and a recently-bought desk alarm clock, I managed to force myself awake at 8.30. My back and my legs were aching from fatigue. But I was determined to go see Denpa (Denpagumi.Inc), Wasamin (Iwasa Misaki of AKB48), KinBaku (Golden Bomber), 9nine, and SaiSai (Silent Siren). The good thing is, a ¥100 worth of bath quickly managed to fix (maybe temporarily) the problem.

7 Nov 2015

Moshi-Moshi Nippon Day I - MoshiAni

Time flies so quickly. This is always true, but it felt even faster when you're either having so much fun, or having so much to do. Me right now? Both, I think. Going back to college after years of corporate (or should I say bureaucratic) servitude is not an easy process. Even more so if it involves a lot of calculus. But anyway, I am having so much fun in the past five weeks.

So true :')

So I've planned on writing my experiences being a gaijin in Japan (yes, it's a derogatory form but who  cares, it's like niggas calling themselves nigga and i like that :v ), but have not managed to produce a single post. I really wanted it to be orderly, shorted by timeline, beginning with scholarship stuffs, immigration stuffs, the first week and cultural shock, the college life, and then of course the events. But life rarely goes as planned, and so I decided to just start with this one.

22 Jan 2015

Whatsapp Web Interface

Bayangkan skenario berikut. GTalk diblok oleh unit eselon I anda dengan alasan milik Yahudi dan membahayakan keamanan dan rahasia negara. Mereka lalu memaksa anda untuk menginstall Microsoft OCS sebagai aplikasi messenger. Ternyata OCS busuk nggak ketulungan. Apa yang anda lakukan? Tentunya anda akan beralih ke google hangouts, toh HP Android anda sudah KitKat, jadi default-nya ada hangouts. Tapi kemudian unit IT kementerian yang sebenarnya kerjanya busuk, tapi ambisinya berlebih, dan kini mereka mengambil alih semua jaringan termasuk jaringan eselon I anda. Dan kemudian hangouts diblok. Apa yang harus anda lakukan? 😗

12 Jan 2015

Fatal Frame Live Action / Gekijouban Rei Zero

This is a fanboy rant. If you want a proper review that can motivate you into watching this movie, I would suggest JOI's review. I wrote this under the assumption that whoever you are, you've watched the movie and compare your view with others, or something along that line.

For those who haven't watch the movie, here's my suggestion.
  1. Do you like Maria-sama ga Miteru (Marimite)?
  2. Do you like Yuri?
  3. Do you like mystery movie?
  4. Are you bored with all that screaming and panicking and running in your typical horror movie? You want something different?
  5. Do you like watching a classroom full of beautiful girls?