23 Dec 2015

7!!, Up Up Girls, and Little Glee Monster LIVE

This is the first time that I attend a LIVE with a friend. 

This is where the live was being held.

To be honest, this LIVE wouldn't have been high on my priority list, and considering my budget constrain (microeconomics, anyone?) there were only three main motivation for attending.

  • It's very close. The event was held at Yokohama Akarenga (Red Bricks Warehouse). That's basically as good as my own backyard.  And it's christmas, so a guaranteed lively place and illumination (in case your wondering, yes it's an english word, but only used in Japan, meaning that they put lots of light bulb decoration for the night). 
I truly like this picture. I'm no master photographer, but I think this is gorgeous.
  • Nostalgic artist. Flashback to AFAiD #1 (2012), 7!! was relatively an unknown band, both for the anison universe and the mainstream japanese music enthusiast (native and overseas likewise).  And they were great. I have fond memories of them. And of Aniki, ANGELA, Bless4, KOTOKO, and LiSa. And also the disbanded Stereopony and Sea☆A. 
How time flies. 
  • I got invited by friends. And yes, this is most probably my main reason. Most of my friends in the college has zero interest in Japanese Pop Culture, and maybe zero point zero zero something interest in the whole of Japanese culture. If any. Not even samurai or ninja. Oh come on guys, even JJ Abrams loved AKB48
I just dropped off the subway at Sakuragicho Station.
Walk for a little bit.
Voila, Akarenga (Red Bricks Warehouse Shopping Mall).
The last time I noticed a LIVE held here, it was outside. But nothing here today.
It turned out to be on the third floor (3F) Hall.
So many people queuing on the stairs, from 3rd floor down to the 1st floor.
And that's an hour before gate open.
Okay, so we're in. I exchanged my drink ticket for a bottle of milk tea. And damn, the milk tea has no sugar. So not Indonesia-ish.  Even in Japan, normally milk tea has at least a small amount of sugar in it, but any kind of fluid would be good enough for the LIVE. And while we're at it, my friends told me that there will be a sign event after the concert so we all bought a CD. 
First song, I think was Yowamushi-san.
I'm not sure whether the event organizer didn't announce the performing order, or maybe they did but we were just too lazy to find out. But we were kind of suprised that 7!! went first.  And they are even better now compared to what I remembered of them four years ago. With songs such as Yowamushi-san, Ai no Kotoba, and especially Orange. I really love Orange.  Ah yes, I didn't remember that Maiko's voice was cute. I think they didn't talk much four years ago, probably due to English barrier. Overall great performance. 
Here's the band posing inside Akarenga.
Next up was Little Glee Monster. Okay, so I thought they were idols. Arguably, they actually aren't. They don't do much of dancing. And they CAN actually sing.  Including A Capella. So in my perspective, they're not an Idol group. Call them vocal group, nasyid, whatever. And they're actually pretty good.  And I also noticed that most of their fans were girls. 
Here's my favorite song of theirs.
Last, Up Up Girls. Second time watching their live performance. First time was at Moshi-moshi Nippon Festival (MoshiFes).
A little bit of Santa added.
I don't really know much of their songs, so I just kinda went along with whatever the ootas did.  Oh and my friend lent me his Light Stick. First time wielding an LS for, what, half a year? 
Here are the girls posing inside Akarenga.
After the concert, we went to sign event. I'm not exactly good with sign-kai, akushukai and the likes, but whatever. I just kinda went over there saying "hello, long time no see... like, four years? " "eh? four years? " "I'm from Indonesia, and the last time I saw you guys, was like, AFAiD four years ago, OMG OMG! " and suffice to say, it actually went better than doing it with certain idol group, tee-hee. 
Got signed. 
And the artists aren't the only ones taking group commemorative, as the fans also did.
Gotta love 7!! fan no renchuu.  
Actually, the whole taking picture thing was actually quite funny, because just as we were taking picture, the artists were on their way out, caught us in the middle of posing. Awkward moment ensued.  I-it's not like we're doing demachi... 
Next stop... 
My next event will be on 2015/12/29, I will be attending Comic Market 89 and Sprite Live 2015 ~ Beyond The Sky. See you on my next report.
Yep, finally I'm going here.

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